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Relationship: That Kiss

Three kisses a day make you happy and gay. Whether you kiss your partner on remembering a sweet moment, or some cute action it is a good excuse to come close to each other. Kissing is a very important ingredient in love making. So never stop kissing. Give your lover a morning kiss and take a goodnight kiss in return. However you do it make it sure to kiss each other to keep your love intact.

Kiss each other for healthy reasons. Kisses not only improve your love relationship but also keep you healthy. Experts say that kissing is a great cardiovascular activity and a process to lower high blood pressure, it also lowers cholesterol level. You better kiss each other for a romance as well as a health. They also say that since kisses puts to work over 30 muscles of your face your skin becomes smoother. So, all you women who want their skin smooth and glowing make sure to kiss your partners and give them a chance to kiss you.

A romantic kiss fulfills the day of the partners giving them complete assurance of love for each other. If you love your partners then kiss each other. Find moments to steal a kiss from your partner. Your partner will love you even more. Kiss each other to enhance your love life. A kiss is a starter to move you deep into feelings and feel the ecstasy of love, both emotional and physical love.

Every woman and man get motivated and empowered with the power of love, and kiss is one way to express your love. So always make sure to kiss your partner to feel motivated and loved and let your love life never fade.
Display your love with a kiss. Explain and make your spouse feel the extent of your feelings. Remember what has been said earlier, “If you love somebody show it”. Your love is doubled. Your partner too will react to the love expressed by you.
A kiss shows romance and intimacy, love and care, it all depends to whom you kiss and how you kiss. Kisses represent you feelings for the other person. A kiss is innocent, sweet, caring or hot. It all depends on your feelings and relationship. You kiss a person when you are attracted towards him or her. Your feelings are very well understood when you kiss your lover or anybody else such as your friend, children or parents. You can never forget the first kiss of your lover; it still can fill you up with deep emotions. Such is the power of a kiss.

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